A greener way of doing business

Recycling at MPB


At MPB, we recognize that we are part and parcel of the community around us and it is our responsibility as manufacturers to constantly embrace a greener way of doing business.

As part of that commitment, we have installed a fully fledged recycling plant capable of recycling over 500 tonnes of polyethylene waste each year. In so doing, we have ensured that waste generated in-house during our production processes is recycled and not disposed off in the environment, thereby reducing our environmental footprint in the community. We constantly strive towards efficiency and minimize the level of waste generated through continuous improvements in our production processes.

Some of the positive impacts our recycling plant has had:

  • Creation of waste collection opportunities in the community.
  • Increased waste collection and recycling in the community resulting in improved visual appeal
  • Reduced environmental degradation as less plastic waste is dumped in landfills
  • Upcycling of plastic waste into other products

As an added incentive, we run a buyback program in the community where we purchase plastic waste that is collected from the public and recycled at our plant.

Some of the sources from which we receive polythene waste from include:

  • Garbage collection companies
  • Youth and women groups involved in collecting polythene waste
  • Private individuals
  • Industries

Recycled Products at MPB


Construction Sheets

Seedling Bags

Garbage Bags

MPB is committed towards actively improving its recycling capabilities, educating communities about the importance of recycling, as well as providing practical information on recycling best practices through various community interactions and activities.